Using Salesforce® just got so much easier.
Using’s new Natural Language technology users can simply type in their queries into the Salesforce search-box and get reports with a single click.
Kueri allows users to navigate, explore, and present their Salesforce data with using a Google® style as-you-type auto-complete suggestions.
It’s a breeze to install! ask your Salesforce administrator today.

In a Nutshell

Natural Language

Using Kueri within Salesforce is a breeze. Just use your own words to ask a question over your data. Kueri does the rest. No on-boarding needed.

Easy Installation

End-users enjoy a single-click chrome extension installation augmenting the existing Salesforce searchbox. On-premises Server-Side installation is a breeze.

Embed Kueri

Become a Kueri OEM Partner and enjoy the ability to Integrate Kueri within your software products or enjoy our Re-seller’s Opportunities.