Using’s Natural Language technology users can simply type in their queries into the search-box and get reports with a single click.

Kueri allows users to navigate, explore, and present their data with using a Google® style as-you-type auto-complete suggestions.

It’s a breeze to install! Contact us for more details to schedule a POC over your data.

In a Nutshell

Natural Language

Using Kueri within your product is a breeze. Just use your own words to ask a question over your data. Kueri does the rest. No on-boarding needed.

enterprise ready

Kueri was built with security, permissions and performance in mind. We supply our Java source code for deeper integration.

Embed Kueri

Embed Kueri right where you want it or use our stand-alone interface to access your database(s).

Product highlights


Use a Google©-like suggestions that gets better over time.

Multi tenancy

Connect Kueri to your multi-tenant application. Each user see only his/her data.


Enrich the language with synonyms, virtual fields, verbs, adjectives and much more.


Complete control over what users see. Different langauge terms, different database columns and more


Kueri understands your data. Complete control over which columns to index.


SQL are ready for database submission in near real-time and built with performance in mind.

Table joins

Connect multiple tables together for more complex database designs.


Kueri supports leading databases vendors such as Amazon Redshift, MSSQL, Google BigQuery (Legacy and Standard), PostgreSQL and more.

Javascript Widget

Use Kueri’s Javascript search box anywhere you need it.

Generate SQL Automatically


How can I test the product ?

You can use our online demo. You can also contact us to schedule a FREE proof of concept over your data.

Can I download Kueri?

No, Kueri is not available for download.

What type of license you offer?

We offer a proprietary license , which means a one time payment for the product.

Can I connect to multiple products with Kueri's license ?

The license allows you to install Kueri on a single machine. You can connect to multiple databases or serve several products but you can only have a single instance of the product.

What type of questions Kueri supports?

Kueri supports a wide variety of “types of questions” including filtering, grouping, counting and much more.
The following page should give you an idea about the wide support of Kueri –

What type of databases Kueri supports?

Kueri supports a wide variety of databases including: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and JSON. We use JSON to connect to anything that doesn’t have SQL interface.

Do I need to store my data in Kueri's cloud ?

No, Kueri is an on-premises solution. Once you get the package from us, you can integrate it in your product or in your private cloud.

Can I use Kueri as a stand-alone solution ?

Yes, Kueri comes with its own web interface.

Can I describe my data through code and not through the admin tool?

Yes, the admin console of Kueri is building an XML file. You can generate the XML yourself and apply it with API.

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