MY STORY AS A COMPANY was formed when co-founder Mr. Yossi Shani said to co-founder Mr. Tal Cohen something along the lines of “You have to be a rocket-surgeon to get real answers from this software. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just talk with it?”- to which Tal replied – “I have an idea.”
Shortly after that crucial conversation, was born. For a while the company was known as SimpleQL: a company created to bring about a new user experience which would simplify interaction with databases. is all about injecting Natural Language into our daily software/device interactions. Our vision, and true North Star, is:

“’s vision is to become the premier Natural Language Database Interface platform provider and set a global benchmark for database exploration ease-of-use and clarity.”

We plan to follow this vision through our endeavors, chase our dream and fall in love with the challenge it represents.

EARLY DAYS was lucky to be among the few 6th class graduates of the successful Israeli-American accelerator UpWest Labs in San Francisco. We’ve evolved and grown a lot since then. Matured.
Our current residence is at the SOSA-TLV building in Tel-Aviv. And we love music. If you step into our offices there’s probably Pink Floyd, Sia or Beethoven playing around.


Being a company is all about the people. We have gathered around a group of talented and committed individuals. We all share the love for the challenge and possess the hunger to try and figure it out. Each with his own set of skills. As it turns out, currently, we are all guys. But we aim to change that soon.
So, this is our team:

Yossi Shani
Yossi Shani
Da Boss

“He’s my captain. If you ever meet the guy you will see just how much he loves analytics, data, technology, and people. Used to work for Cisco. Now he works for me. Just for me!

Tal Cohen
Tal Cohen
Tech Master

He’s my technology front runner. The go-to guy when my guts are involved. You could say he and Yossi are my parents. He comes in really early every day.

Lee Laster
Lee Laster

He’s my client hunter and business thinker. I like him because he takes care of how I look. He’s been around the block, so to speak, when it comes to marketing – so I listen to him. He has a cat named Shosh.

Yossi Vainshtein
Yossi Vainshtein
SQL Ninja

He’s the guy who codes the hell out of any feature I want. Yeah. I know, there are two Yossi’s. But this guy was a big shot data scientist for the Israeli army. Very hush hush.

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