3 Reasons why Microsoft Excel Users can Smile

Introducing KUERI, the natural language data exploration tool for Excel

Sure, there are several spreadsheets out there, but Microsoft Excel is definitely the standard. You might not know this but Excel was originally developed by Microsoft in 1982, and it was named Multiplan. For better or worse, the software is the undisputed go-to product for managing financial tables, human resources tables, sales data, figures and lists – basically exploring and manipulating almost any kind of information.

However, much like the auto industry, using Excel hasn’t changed that much as far as the user interface since its inception. Until now, that is. KUERI, a natural language base exploration tool makes a brave attempt at altering the way we interact with tables by incorporating a frictionless and intuitive way to query databases. The new tool uses a google-like inspired search-box that it allows users to ask questions over their excel files using natural language. Imagine the ability to simply type in “Show me all my employees who are over 35 years old grouped by their managers” and instantly get your table sorted out for you with the appropriate columns, grouping and filters. Well, it’s here.

Natural language is intuitive                                                                                                

Excel users can smile because natural language is easier and way more intuitive. Much like Google when it comes to searching for a webpage, KUERI is a proactive software and it constantly strives to figure out what is the most relevant query to what you are typing in its search box and suggest the right ones to you. The smart suggestions you get are based on the information already in the Excel file you are exploring and they get smarter with time.

Asking questions across multiple tables

KUERI is able to process data from multiple Excel files with ease. So if you have, for example, separate tables for your employee salaries (taken from you HR department) and for your sales figures (delivered by some someone from sales) you can explore the data by requesting to see “the salaries of the top 10 salesmen in my database”. Excel users have to work a little harder (actually way harder) than that to get that one sorted out.

It’s completely free

KUERI is completely free to use as long as your databases are not huge in size. Even corporations with multiple users can make use of the software’s advantages because there is NO LIMIT to the amount of people that can interact and explore the same database for free. This is great news for anyone dealing with Excel on a daily basis, either at home or at the office. All you have to do is signup, upload your Excel files to KUERI and get started.

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