The “Product Hunt Effect” on Building Communities

Shortly after announcing the launch of our flagship product, Kueri, we launched at Product hunt.
Product hunt is a prominent site helping people around the world discover new and interesting products.
Just as the post went live on Product Hunt a torrent of users started visiting our site, we took few pictures of Google Analytics Real-Time visits view as the number kept fluctuating up and down.
I took a picture at 26, but the highest number I saw was 46 – total of about 2000 visitors in a single day. Wow.
Analytics users for kueri

The next day, I opened Google Analytics to analyze the data.
I wanted to get quick answers, so I used “Analytics Easy Explorer by, our owen chrome extension which converts Natural Language questions and creates Google Analytics reports on the fly. The extension is a search box placed right within your Google Analytics header.


I first wanted to get a general view of the traffic on the day of the launch.
So I simply typed the words “visits yesterday”:

This query, gave me a breakdown of all visits by the “country” dimension which is configured by default by the extension.
I then wanted to see the source website instead of country so I typed the following:

I then wanted to focus only on visits result in a download action.
Since the website is configured to send an event to Google Analytics every time someone downloads Kueri LITE, each of the goals are stored in a default dimension of Google Analytics called – Label. So I simply added the word “label” and then described freely what label I was looking for:

And finally, I was interested in understanding which operating system (OS) was being used for downloads. That was easy. I added “and OS” and the extension did the rest.
It was an exciting day, we were all pumped up by the awareness, feedback, downloads and most of all, the connection we felt with our gradually built community.
Thank you Product Hunt!
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Yossi Shani

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