Kueri is all about getting Salesforce users closer to their data. With Kueri you can simply type a question and get your answers on the spot.
The experience of using Kueri is intuitive and familiar, with Google-like user experience. Once you start typing you get real-time suggestions that assist you to construct your question and get your answers quickly.


How does it work?

Kueri replaces the native Salesforce search-box, augmenting the search capabilities with a powerful set of Natural Language capabilities. Existing native string search functions are supported using Kueri.

The user’s input is continuously evaluated by the Kueri server-side application, generating the as-you-type smart suggestions displayed for the user to choose from.

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Kueri is mainly distributed via business partners assigned around the globe. We carefully select system integrators, solution providers, re-sellers and technical consultants to be a part of our deployment network.
Contact us today to find out who is most qualified to deploy Kueri for your organization or to inquire about your chance to become one of our distributors.
For more details email Yossi Shani @ yossi@kueri.me