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Working” and “Simple” are the things that usually matter to me the most.

As with any growing startup, we recently started tackling the issue of customer support. And like most companies, we want our customers to receive first class support….

There are a lot of platforms that enable this – LuckyOrange, Zendesk, FreshDesk, LiveAgent, just to name a few. We chose Zendesk. Why? because it WORKS and It’s SIMPLE.

I know what you’re thinking. This might seem trivial, but as it turns out every product company makes choices regarding where to invest their development focus – and the issue of simplicity takes different forms for each product.

Here at we tried to figure out what kind of support we would offer to our customers and what would fit us as a team the best. in the final analysis we did not focus on features, nor on pricing, it wan’t integration or rich documentation and fast support.
I mean – these are all important to our firm. They are.
But first and foremost – we chose Zendesk because it’s SIMPLE and it WORKS.

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Yossi Vainshtein

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